How do I report a problem?


In order to solve your problem as fast as possible, please follow this recommendations when you report your problem:

1. Let us know the name of the game.

We have 5 games, and we use this website to support all of them. We have no way to know which game caused you a problem unless you tell us. 

2. Let us know your operating system or platform and its version.

For example, "Windows Vista", "Windows 10" or "macOS 10.12 Sierra".

3. Which turn was it when the problem has happened?

4. Please provide us screenshots, saves and log files.

5. Please tell us the model of your processor; the model of your video card and its memory capacity; your RAM capacity.

The more information we have, the faster will we know the solution.

5. Please make sure this FAQ doesn't contain the solution of your problem. 

In order to keep the support efficient, we keep the list of frequently asked questions. Before reporting your problem, please go through the FAQ list.

 How to make a screenshot?

How to find and send you a save file?


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    Simon Burling

    Bronze Age on Android 4

    The screen has shrunk in on the edges.

    The left edge has corrupted desert graphics in the bottom, it may be the left edge desert tiles. The top is the 5th and 6th squares from the right edge repeated twice.

    The right edge is showing the column of tiles 1 in from the right on the main screen.


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